Asphalt Crack Filling

Removing Cracks with Asphalt Crack Filling

Over time, our asphalt driveways and lots can experience a lot of wear and tear which results in cracks throughout the surface. These cracks can be filled easily and professionally with Sundman Paving & Sealcoating. Our expertise has developed over the past 30 years of servicing Minneapolis and its surrounding areas, bringing the best results to our customers.

What Is the Asphalt Crack Filling Process?

The process is our job as you should leave it to the professionals, but it is good to know and understand the work that is being done to your property. Here is a quick step by step process to help you understand the job more:

1. Cleaning

Heat up the crack to 4000 degrees and blow cracks out with dry heat to help clean out the crack entirely. We do this so that the crack will be ready to be filled.

Powerwashing The Asphalt After Driveway Repair Maintenance

Resurfacing Asphalt With Asphalt Brush

2. Filling

The next part of the process is to fill the crack so that it is properly repaired. We fill the crack with 400 degree ASTM 3405 Hot Rubber for the best results.

3. Leveling

After filling the crack we squeegee it, which makes a three inch wide band of rubber on top. When it expands and contracts it will pull the rubber off the top of the surface to help fill the crack as it has 1000% elongation.

Driveway Repair Caution Sign

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For different projects such as commercial and residential the process might slightly differ as we use a pourable crack filler along with a bertha torch for quicker results. To fill the cracks throughout your asphalt surface, call Sundman Paving & Sealcoating to get the job done right!