Constructing Blacktop for Your Property

If your commercial property needs a new parking lot, playground, or any new blacktop, Sundman Paving & Sealcoating is here to get the job done. Our team of professionals have been in the business since 1980, and our customers rely on our expertise and outstanding customer service for the best results in town.

What Is the Blacktop Construction Process?

We offer a comprehensive construction process to ensure that we can offer the best quality blacktop for your construction needs.

1. Building the Foundation

For new construction our team will excavate where the parking lot, driveway, or surface will be. It is important to lay a good foundation for the asphalt, which is why our team will lay around six-seven inches of con-stone (combination of limestone and recycled concrete) to a class 5 specification.

Asphault Contractors Preparing For Construction Job

Asphault Contractors Repairing Asphault With Machine

2. Smoothing the Foundation

Once we have laid the foundation accordingly, it is graded and compacted. We will use a vibrating roller and compactor along all the edges for a clean smooth result.

3. Laying the Asphalt

Once the foundation is created, we will lay the new asphalt over it. For residential properties, we lay about three inches of asphalt and after it is rolled it comes to about 2.5 inches thick. For industrial lots, it is vital to lay about six inches of base then a two inch layer of blacktop with another two inches on top for the best results.

Steamroller Smoothing Out New Asphalt

Contact Us for All Your Blacktop Needs

Whether it is straight, curved, or completely customized, our team will get the job done. We have the utilities and strength to get any job done. Our services are specific to your needs so you have the right solution. Get in touch with a member of our team at Sundman Paving & Sealcoating to get a competitive estimate and see how we can bring your property to the next level!