Concrete Apron

Constructing a Driveway Apron for Your Property

When redoing your asphalt driveway or a new installation, concrete aprons for your garage brings an aesthetic value to your home. At Sundman Paving & Sealcoating, we specialize in asphalt repairs, paving, installations and more, but we provide our customers with services to best suit their needs.

What is the Concrete Apron Process?

Concrete aprons are best used for the front of your garages to bring a professional and modern look to your home. Concrete aprons not only bring an aesthetic value to your home, but functionality as well. With the severe weather we receive in Minnesota, ice and water that may fall from the roof can hit the concrete apron rather than directly hit the asphalt. This will help lengthen the life of your driveway.

1. Asphalt or Concrete Removal

We will remove the asphalt or concrete where the asphalt apron will be installed. We will then prepare the area for the concrete apron.

Asphault Contractors Preparing Cement For New Asphault

Asphalt Contractors Leveling Concrete

2. Leveling

WBefore the concrete apron can be laid, we will level the area. This will ensure that the apron will be completely level when it’s installed.

3. Installation

Once the area is prepped, we will then begin pouring and leveling the concrete apron so that is smooth and aesthetically pleasing.

Driveway Repair Caution Sign

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Concrete aprons are installed best when you are putting in a new driveway. Our team will work with a trusted concrete company to get the job done. If you are installing a new driveway and would like to have a concrete apron installed, call us to receive a competitive rate for your property.