Concrete Removal

Removing Concrete from Your Property

At Sundman Paving & Sealcoating, asphalt is our specialty, but we don’t stop there. Although all of our new construction and repair services are asphalt specific, we can still help you with your concrete removal, whether it be a residential or commercial property.

What Is the Concrete Removal Process?

Many of our concrete removal projects have been for current concrete contractors. If you are doing new construction and need old concrete removed, we can help you. Most contractors don’t have the equipment to break up the concrete and remove the load when finished. Our team is equipped with the correct equipment to get it done.

1. Safety First

We first make sure that the area is completely prepared for concrete removal. We block off the area for any individuals who are not on our team. We place a high priority on safety within our company to ensure that no one around or working on our projects will be injured

Asphault Contractors Preparing For Construction Job

Asphault Contractors Preparing Cement For New Asphault

2. Removal

We will do all of the removing of concrete using a power jackhammer and remove it with a front loader and bucket.

3. Recycling

All of the concrete we remove is 100% recyclable. We use all removed concrete to create con-stone (recycled concrete and limestone) and other materials. We will make sure that it is recycled for you.

Asphault Contractors Recycling Rocks

Contact Us for All Your Concrete Removal Needs

If you are looking to have concrete removed from your property, we are the team to get it done! Get in touch with one of our team members to get a competitive estimate for your property. Take your property to the next level with Sundman!