Parking Lot Overlays

Creating a Professional Look With a Parking Lot Overlay

Thinking of reinstalling a new parking lot can be a headache with overwhelming construction that might interfere with your business. Rather than going through the process of tearing up your existing parking lot, parking lot overlays allow you to get the new look you desire without the extensive construction. At Sundman Paving & Sealcoating, we will lay new asphalt over your existing asphalt for a new and attractive look.

The Parking Lot Overlay Process

When it comes to constructing parking lot overlays, we believe that they need to be done right. We have a very involved process to make sure that your parking lot is as impressive as possible once we are complete. Here is a step-by-step process to understand more about how we create your parking lot overlay:

1. Cleaning

First, we will clean off the driveway or lot as best we can to remove unwanted materials and particles. We do this by using both pressurized air and steel brushes. We want to clear your parking lot of all dust, debris, and oil from automobiles.

Asphalt Contractors Redo Parking Lot

Asphalt Contractors Repaving New Street

2. Milling and Tack Coat

We will curb around all edges with a milling machine so the new asphalt can lay correctly. Next we will tack coat it so the new asphalt properly adheres to the existing asphalt.

3. Laying and Rolling

We lay the asphalt overlay ranging from a half inch to two inches thick for the best results. Lastly, we roll over the new asphalt to give it a clean and smooth look. Commercial lots can let drivers and pedestrians right away as it self heals itself.

Steamroller Smoothing Out New Asphalt

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Our team is comprised of experts who have been in the field of asphalt and commercial parking lot construction for over 35 years. Our team will do everything necessary to make sure that you are completely satisfied with our work and your parking lot. Get in touch with an expert at Sundman for a free quote of your commercial parking lot and learn more about our commercial parking lot services and how we can help you!