Parking Lot Resurfacing

Renewing Your Building with Parking Lot Resurfacing

As time goes on, the harsh winters of Minnesota, along with the daily traffic throughout your property, can deteriorate the asphalt on your commercial parking lots. When this happens, it may be beneficial to have your parking lot resurfaced to bring a new and attractive look to the property.

The Parking Lot Resurfacing Process

We have a high standards when it comes to the quality of our work. We have an involved process to ensure that your parking lot looks impressive and professional. To give you a better understanding of the process and how we will take your property to the next level, below is a layout of how things will work:

1. Cleaning

We blow the asphalt clean with 200 mph of air and clear all areas around the parking lot of any debris. We clean the area with a wire brush to rid the parking lot of any sediment and any oil drips that had been made from automobiles. This gives us a nice clean surface that will optimize the adhesion of the sealcoat.

Asphalt Contractors Redo Parking Lot

Resurfacing Asphalt With Asphalt Brush

2. Sealcoating

Once the parking lot is completely clean and clear of dirt, oil, and debris. We will use a brush to apply the seal coat. It is sheared into place. We have found that doing this provides the best, longest lasting results.

3. Curing

It is necessary that there is no traffic on your parking lot for a certain period of time. Once the sealcoat has been added, our experts will advise you when it is best to allow traffic back onto the new resurfaced areas.

Driveway Repair Caution Sign

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