Gravel Grading

Creating a Smooth Driveway with Gravel Grading

With the extensive equipment, vehicles, and traffic across your long gravel driveway, it may get washboarded. What this means is as the wheel tracks continue to get worn down, the gravel tends to build in the middle as well as the sides, creating a difficult driving surface. At Sundman Paving & Sealcoating, we can provide excellent and professional gravel grading services to bring your driveway back to new.

Asphalt Contractors Prepare Ground For New Driveway And Asphalt

The Importance of Gravel Grading

When your gravel becomes washboarded, not only does your driveway become aesthetically unappealing, but it also creates a very difficult driving surface. Like mentioned above, when your driveway is washboarded the existing gravel tends to be pushed from the wheel tracks to the middle and sides. This causes an unusual driving surface as the undercarriage of your vehicle can be damaged from the rocks pushed to the middle of the tracks. Not only can this cause an unbalanced riding surface, but if the rocks are to be pushed to the side into the yard it causes a muddy mess, where a vehicle is more likely to get stuck.

Our Personal Touch

Our team has been working in the field of asphalt and gravel in Minneapolis and its surrounding areas for over 35 years. The owner of Sundman Paving works on every project we do to make sure the completed project meets our standards.

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Contact Us for All Your Driveway Needs

We are dedicated to offering the highest quality when it comes to our work, and our team will be working on the project from start to finish. To bring your gravel driveway back to new, let Sundman help with all of your gravel grading needs. Our team of professionals will help bring your property back to life with a smoother driving surface for all of your employees and visitors. Our outstanding customer service will make sure the job is done correctly and efficiently.